_long pants(sweats)
_two pairs of shoes, hiking or athletic type (NO high platform shoes or sandals are permitted)
_swim wear;
_socks (9pr min; campers are required to wear them)
_daily changes of underwear>

_small tissue pack;
_laundry bag (no plastic bags, damp items will mildew)
_chapstick (non flavored)
_bug repellant (*read allergy warning label*)
_towels (2) washcloth

_outdoor rated sleeping bag (no slumber bags)
_small canteen or water bottle
_nylon stuff sack (no trash bags
_small sturdy flashlight
_xtra batteries
_small pillow
_mess-kit or plastic dish and cup, fork, spoon
_letter writing supplies
_small fanny pack
_camera, film
_$5 just in case
_old fitted twin size sheet

If your child does not camp regularly, this list may seem extravagant. It was developed based on many years of camping experience. Each item was listed with your child’s safety and comfort in mind.  Be aware that animals identify fruity smelling items (shampoo, lotions, chapstick) with food and could pose a hazard to its user.  Campers walk everywhere, there is no pavement, try to focus on good footwear.  Use a permanent marker and write your child’s name on every item.  Limit your child to one large soft sided carryall luggage bag and sleeping bag in a nylon stuff sack.  Do not tie loose articles to the exterior of either bag.

Don’t pack:

  • electronic items of any kind
  • expensive items of any kind
  • large sums of money
  • glass containers
  • food, candy, gum *(these items attract animals and pose a danger to everyone)