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Frequently Asked Questions

 What does my child need to bring to camp?

A list of recommended items is in the parent’s guide that you will receive upon registration.

 Why can’t I send snack items along with child?

Snack items, along with flavored chap sticks and fruity smelling lotions attract animals creating a hazard for everyone.

 Why can’t my child wear sandals?

The camp is a rustic site and there are no paved walk or roadways.  Everyone walks or hikes everywhere.  Sandals do not provide protection against the uneven terrain and small debris.  Rubber or water sandals are permitted in the shower and pool areas.  Socks are mandatory with shoes.

 What kind of clothing should we pack?

Mountain climate can change very rapidly.  On average the daytime temps can run in the mid 90’s and the sun is very intense.  The nights can get down to the 40’s.  Humidity levels are generally on the dry side.  Layering clothing is the best practice to follow.  Chap stick and lotion are highly recommended for the dryness.

 If there is a lodge where meals are served, why does my child need a mess kit?

Each cabin group will participate in at least one ‘overnight’ in which they hike out to a site.  There they will help prepare their own meals and sleep on the ground.  While the camp staff will pack cooking equipment your child will need eating utensils for the outing.

 Is there a mosquito problem?

It is a wilderness area and standing water exists everywhere.  A repellant is recommended.  While many products and gadgets advertise their effectiveness there are only two scientifically proven methods of supplementary protection.  One is a CO2 based trap (a large device designed for area protection).  The other is DEET based lotions and sprays. Parents are responsible for determining if their child is allergic to DEET.  Carefully follow the instructions that come with the product and be sure that your child understands its usage.

What happens if there is a forest fire?

Our staff is trained to respond to emergencies.  The fire emergency  training is based on information provided by local, state and federal agencies.   During such an event parents can contact any LABCC board member for  information.  Parents can also use the following link http://www.bigbear.us/southern-california-fire.html.   It is a multi agency fire information center created specifically for the area  where our camp is located.

What if I have other questions?

 Questions are always welcome!  In fact they are encouraged!  Please feel free to utilize any of the listed e-mail or phone contacts.


Your questions benefit our organization by helping us to better understand parents concerns and to build a better camping experience!

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